Pard Morrison
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     Born 1975 Colorado Springs, CO.


     Fine Arts Department, Colorado State University, Colorado. BFA Concentration Sculpture


     2019-Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Summer 2019. Santa Fe, NM.
     2018-Brian Gross Fine Art, Heliotrope, Opening July 7th., San Francisco, CA.
     2018-Arthur Roger Gallery, In Fields, New Orleans, LA.
     2017-Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Heavy Metal. (Three Person Show), Santa Fe, NM.
     2016-Inde/Jacobs, New Work, Marfa, TX.
     2015-Brian Gross Fine Art, Spontaneous Order, San Francisco *opening July 11
     2015-RULE Gallery, Hypnagogia, Denver,CO. 
     2014--James Kelly Contemporary, Some Ghost, Santa Fe.NM.
     2014-Galerie Knoerle & Baettig, Language of Man, Winterthur, Switzerland.
              (two person with Jay Shinn)
     2013-Arthur Roger Gallery, Chromaccumulations, New Orleans, LA. 
     2012-Marty Walker Gallery, Supercollider, Dallas, TX.
     2012-James Kelly Contemporary, Phantom Limbs,  Santa Fe, NM. 
     2012-Brian Gross Fine Art,Recent work,  San Francisco, CA.
     2010-Marty Walker Gallery,Non-Fiction . Dallas TX.
     2010-RULE Modern and Contemporary, At The Edge Of The World, Denver, CO. 
     2010-Brian Gross Fine Art, Recent Work,One Post Street. San Francisco, CA.
     2008-Marty Walker Gallery, Ghost Call LoveDallas, TX.
     2008-Arthur Roger Gallery, Candyland. New Orleans, LA.
     2007-RULE Modern and Contemporary, 50 Ways To Fall In Love. Denver, CO.
     2007-LewAllen Contemporary, Peripheral. Santa Fe, NM.
     2006-Arthur Roger Gallery, Pick Up. New Orleans, LA.
     2005-University of Wyoming Art Museum, Huminimalism. Laramie, WY.
     2004-Arthur Roger Gallery, Hybrids. New Orleans, LA.
     2004-LewAllen Contemporary, Surface and Structure. Santa Fe. NM.
     2004-RULE Modern and Contemporary, New Paintings and Sculpture. Denver, CO.
     1997-Colorado State University, Pilgrimage to Mnemosyne, Fort Collins, CO.

     2018-Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Color Bites, Santa Fe, NM.
     2018-Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Star Gazing. Santa Fe, NM.
     2017/18-Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Joyful, Santa Fe, NM.
     2017-Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Power Play, Santa Fe, NM.
     2017-Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Wish You Were Here, Santa Fe, NM.
     2017-Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, True To Form, Santa Fe, NM.
     2017-James Kelly Contemporary, The Last Picture Show. Santa Fe, NM.
     2016-James Kelly Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM.
     2015-Inde/Jacobs, Grand Opening. Marfa, TX.
     2014-Galerie Knoerle & Baetiig, Scope Basel. Basel, Switzerland.
     2014-Collectors Contemporary Editions, Celebrating American Artists., Singapore, Singapore.
     2014-RULE Gallery, Inaugural Show New Space, Denver, CO.
     2014-Jamie Brooks Fine Art, outLINE, Costa Mesa, CA.
     2014-James Kelly Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM.
     2013-Artspace @ Helutrans, CONFLUENCE. SGAS, Singapore.
     2013-The Lannan Foundation, AGAIN, Repetition,Obsession,and Meditation in the Lannan
                Collection. Santa Fe, NM
     2013-Denver Botanical Gardens, CATALYST, Denver, CO.
     2013-James Kelly Contemporary, Art of Renewal. Santa Fe, New Mexico.
     2013-Collectors Contemporary, Colour + Form + Content. Singapore, Singapore
     2013-James Kelly Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM.
     2012-RULE, Small Masterpieces. Denver, CO.
     2011-G.O.C.A. University of Colorado Colorado Springs,Formal Elements,Colorado Springs, CO.
     2011-Harwood Museum of Art, New Mexorado, curated by Libby Lumpkin. Taos, NM.
     2010-Marty Walker Gallery,Small Works: Art + Object, A Small Sculpture Invitational, Dallas, TX.
     2010-Marty Walker Gallery,Stripped,Neo-Minimal Strategies in Contemporary Art. Dallas TX.
     2010-Colorado State University Art Museum, Essential Forms: Intricate Meanings,  Geometric
                Abstraction From The Permanent Collection, artists included Ed Ruscha, Olafur Eliason,  
                Larry Bell,Stuart Arends...Fort Collins, CO.
     2010-Dolphin Gallery, New Work, Kansas City, MO.
     2009-Marty Walker Gallery,Front Room/Back Room, Dallas TX.
     2009-Art Santa Fe, RULE Modern and Contemporary
     2009-RULE Modern and Contemporary, Red, Denver, CO.
     2008-Marty Walker Gallery, Group Hug. Dallas, TX.
     2008-Art Santa Fe, RULE Modern and Contemporary
     2008-Arthur Roger Gallery, 7808,30th.Anniversary Exhibition. New Orleans, LA.
     2008-CADD Art Fair, Marty Walker Gallery, Dallas TX.
     2007-Flow Invitational Art Fair, Rule Modern and Contemporary, Miami, FL.
     2007-Los Angeles Art Show, LewAllen Contemporary, Baraker Hangar, Santa Monica, CA.
     2007-FAC MODERN, Spring Forward. Colorado Springs, CO.
     2007-RULE Modern and Contemporary, Peep Show. Denver, CO.
     2006-FLOW Invitational Art Fair, Arthur Roger Gallery, Miami, FL.
     2006-SCOPE, Arthur Roger Gallery, Hamptons, NY.
     2006-Art Chicago, Arthur Roger Gallery, Chicago, IL.
     2006-LewAllen Contemporary, Dyptichs. Santa Fe, NM.
     2005-TIAF Toronto International Art Fair, Arthur Roger Gallery. Toronto, Canada.
     2005-Arthur Roger Gallery, Comeback. New Orleans, LA.
     2005-Art Chicago, Arthur Roger Gallery, Chicago, IL.
     2005-LewAllen Contemprorary, Small Works. Santa Fe, NM.
     2004-Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, Love For Sale. Denver, CO.
     2004-Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, Colorado 2004. Colorado Springs, CO.
     2004-Ford Park 5th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibiton, Jim Cotter Gallery, Vail, CO.
     2004-James Tigerman Gallery, Groupshow. Chicago, IL.
     2004-Colorado Art Expo, RULE Modern and Contemporary, Denver, CO.
     2003-James Tigerman Gallery, Chicago, IL.
     2003-LewAllen Contemporary, Objects. Santa Fe, NM.
     2003-Armour Foundation, Warhol,Lichtenstein,Morrison. Colorado Springs, CO.
     2002-LewAllen Contemporary, Grids. Santa Fe, NM.
     2002-LewAllen Contemporary, Art Without a Mouse. Santa Fe, NM.
     2001-Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, Contemporary 2001. Colorado Springs, CO.
     2000-aHead Contemporary Art House, Provincetown, MA.
     1999-Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, Three Emerging Artists. Fort Collins, CO.


     The American Embassy, The Hague, Netherlands.
     The Lannan Foundation
     Colorado State University Art Museum
     University of Wyoming Art Museum
     Tulane University
     Colorado Springs Fine Art Center
     The Frederick R Weisman Art Foundation
     Columbus State University
     Fidelity Investments
     New Iberia Bank, Lafayette, LA.
     The Armour Foundation
     The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV.
     The Venetian, Capetown, South Africa.
     Saks Fith Avenue
     The City of Vail, CO.
     Wells Fargo 
     Northern Colorado Aids Project

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